Everybody Loves a Good Story

I love telling stories with my images.   These are fanciful and sometimes wacky images that trigger your imagination.   The animals in these image are everyday pets with no special training or skills.    To tell their story I play to their natural instincts and curiosity.  

Yes your cat or dog could star in a story of their very own.

The Cat Burglar

Bengal Cat - Zazu

Cat BurglarCat Burglar

The Lookouts

Rescue cats & kittens from Homes for Endangered and Lost Pets.

The LookoutsThe Lookouts

A Friend by Your Side

Collie and his friend

A Friend by Your SideA Friend by Your Side

Special Delivery

Domestic short hair - Margo

Special DeliverySpecial Delivery

Testing the Domino Theory

Rescue cats from Homes for Endangered and Lost Pets

Testing the Domino TheoryTesting the Domino Theory