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Guestbook for All Photographs
Your pictures of Ellen the Blue Heeler truly captured her fun, mischievous, curious, playful spirit! She enjoyed her "glamour shots" session and the special attention that you gave her. I enjoyed watching all the tricks you employed to grab and keep her attention and to coax out the perfect expressions and poses. You were delightful to work with :-) Thank you, Kim.
Outstanding photographic work Kim! You really have the touch when it comes to capturing the perfect moment when an animal shows us it's inner self. Whether it's something crazy and funny, or a soulful look, you make memories for owners to cherish. Wonderful pictures!
cynthia carnahan(non-registered)
Great pictures, now i'm inspired and attracted for photography.
Wow. These photo’s are amazing. I especially like the pet portfolio. The lighting and clarity captures their personalities and beautiful coloring. It makes me want to meet Bella, Deidre, Ed and Zazu. What a truly gifted photographer.
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