Cat Portrait Gallery

I love cats and kittens.  

People who don't know cats well often think of them as independent, aloof, mischievous and clever.   In truth, like the dog, every cat's personality is unique.  Some are shy and timid, some are bold and curious and everything in-between.  I often hear people say that their cat doesn't photograph well.   The images always come out as a blur, or the cat looks away or runs away.

As a photographer I'm always exploring ways to photograph cats that show off their unique personalities.   First and foremost they have to feel secure and safe.  Add a good feather toy or favorite treat to draw them in and for most of them curiosity will then shine through to make a beautiful portrait.   It takes patience - the wonderful rescue volunteers I work with call me a cat whisperer.  

The images in my gallery are a mixture of clients and rescue cats.  To browse these photos further - click here



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