Kim - 2010-02-06 - 06968Copy 1Kim - 2010-02-06 - 06968Copy 1 I love all animals, especially cats.
I love exploring new ways to see the world around me.

For me photography is about making a connection. As a pet photographer capturing that special bond between a pet and their human elevates an image from a snapshot to a timeless memory. My one goal is to freeze that moment, behavior or look that makes us recognize the spirit of our furry companions. I work with all pets and have a special place in my heart for photographing cats. When I am at home my 3 cats are always with me. They think they are my assistants and work hard to help me or at least critique the images.

The PawPrints Pix studio is located in Maryville Tennessee. Or ... Do you have a favorite park or mountain location? Or do you prefer to have the images taken in your home? Pick that place that is special for you and your pet and we can make it work.

I volunteer as a photographer for local rescue.  Many of these cats and dogs can been seen in my portfolio on this website and on my blog.  As part of my rescue work I am active member of HeARTs Speak, an organization of artists around the world who user their art to help animal agencies and rescue groups find good homes for the animals in their care.

I love capturing the sense of place and spirit in everything I shoot. If you are looking for images of those special moments and memories of your furry family please contact me to schedule a session.

"There is nothing more magical than capturing the spirit of a much loved pet in a photo" ~ Kim Stephenson

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Merlin, Nemo and Zazu are my helpers.  Merlin and Zazu are bengal cats.   Nemo is our 20 lb rescue.   These guys are glad to play model, be my muse and give me critique on my latest photos.